About Us

The 3G Doctor service is organized by a committed team of professionals who have a wide range of healthcare experiences and expertise.

Medical Director Dr John Doherty MB BCH BAO, GMC. John graduated in 1997 from University College Hospital in London & has gained a wide and diverse experience of care through a combination of interesting hospital placements around the world. John has been practicing as a General Practitioner in the UK since 2002.

Spokesperson Dr Fiona Kavanagh MB BCH BAO DCH mRCGP, IMO. Graduated in 1998 from University College Dublin and is qualified as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2003. Fiona has enjoyed a wealth of relevant experience including work with the worlds most famous remote care service the "flying doctors".

Business Development David Doherty. Following studies in Medicine at University College Hospital in London, David began to research and design a remote care solution that would provide patients with a means of private and economical access to the attentions of a registered Doctor. The rapid adoption of 3G Video Phones in the UK and Ireland has created this new point of care for more than 8 million patients.

Sales & Marketing Director Hugh McHugh. Hugh has been the UK's leading Primary Care Sales Manager for over 8 years. He has been key to the creation of some of the leading medical publication titles and exhibitions/conferences. Hugh will build on the established relationships he has with individuals, charities, associations and companies seeking ethical ways to influence primary healthcare decision making.

We are currently recruiting experienced Doctors who are want to help provide the highest level of patient care to patients at this challenging new point of care. For more information on career opportunities please contact us.